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Con Survival Quick Tip - Over-packed Hotel Room Blues

Greetings and Salutations Youtube!

This week we discuss being packed in a hotel room with no open beds

My name is Henry Hutchinson and welcome to my latest internet series, The Ultimate Convention Survival Guide! This show will take you deep into the many unknown and forgotten hints,tricks, and planning that can ultimately make your attendance at almost any convention a peaceful and easy one. New or old to conventions? I’ve got you covered! Check back every week for updates and my latest trick!

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Ultimate Convention Survival Guide - Episode 1 (Registration)

*Episode 1: Registration. RELEASED!*

Check out the latest installment to the Ultimate Convention Survival guide library! This Episode we cover registration! 

Khaotic Kreations

Need some pro tips and hints on everything regarding convention survival?  Or maybe you’re a season veteran looking to refresh yourself with the latest happenings in the convention community? Well then, do I have a channel for you! The Ultimate Convention Survival Guide! Videos update every week, so be sure to check it out! 

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